Thursday, May 5, 2011

Venezuela Symphony Orchestra gives concert in honor of Mother's Day in

Caracas - The OSV is pleased to announce their upcoming concert, Thursday May 5 at 8 pm. Symphony Orchestra, Artistic and Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, supported the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, joins the celebration of Mother's Day and will feature a varied repertoire of universal as important composers: WA Mozart, Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst and PI Tchaikovsky.

The chief guest on this occasion, also belongs to the OSV. This is Chollettuno Alfonso Lopez, one of the most versatile musicians of his generation and preparations, a graduate of the University of Michigan (where he studied violin, composition and conducting), obtaining, in turn, both a BA and an MA in the 94 and 95 respectively.

Currently a professor at the Academy of Music Emil Friedman School, serving as chief conductor of the Orquesta Tipica. The appointment is in the room José Félix Ribas del Teatro Teresa Carreño, do not forget. Admission is free. For more information: Facebook page of the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela Twitter Thanks to: Evelyn Navas.

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