Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vetusta Morla - Maps: nothing new under the sun

They may be the national group maindiestream more people move to their concerts (or a hypothetical top 3 along with Love of Lesbian and Lori Meyers), and after selling 45,000 copies of their debut self-released, I wonder how many of you are waiting expectantly by this record, and many with a knife between his teeth, wanting to enter the cloth and wait they get a good host with this album or at least enjoy while fans and critics are pulling their hair.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'll keep with you a referee. The company trying to maintain or exceed the bar for their debut is very complicated. Regardless of the commercial impact of the album, A Day in the world, containing at least two songs stand out: 'Breathing', and the generational hit that has become 'Copenhagen'.

The trouble is that none of the songs on this album reaches this category (perhaps the original 'On rare' approaches to outstanding), but maintains an average level similar to that time. As then, the references are still clear: Radiohead's The Bends and pre-Ok Computer (my favorite of the group), Starsailor and Coldplay, and nationally, and especially Pirates Maga.

Is there a stylistic breakthrough, then, on this album? Yes, but focuses on a more baroque production, elaborate and complex, although remaining in the first hear some immediacy, bright fragments leaves us (the aforementioned and evocative "On rare ') and more robust structures (' Mouth in the land ',' The Bogey Man 'or the almost danceable' Maps') outstanding.

Vetusta Morla - Maldita sweetness (Youtube) In addition to these songs, they also stress the acoustics' Damn sweet 'and' Dinner of others', forming a second half more successful than the first in which neither knew the song first ('In the river '), or future single' What makes you great "lllaman particular attention.

'Yellow Brick', 'Song of return' (both too whiny, melodramatic and even strident in their excdsos metaphorical) are probably the most expendable of the lot, and perhaps would have to add the final 'My Luck', inadequate as the end of the album, and that despite the various ingredients with which they try to cook it, squeaks that search experimental - like the break in the middle of 'Maps' - "at any price." Obviously there buts, already pointed in his debut and this time they have gotten out of hand.

Pucho's voice, at the same staff, just to be unduly forced in some songs ('Yellow Brick', 'The River', and other choirs throughout the album), as well as many letters, pretentious and drama, too lofty, that away from the habitat where most brilliant, the songs naked, intimate and acoustic, as more content is.

However, it is an enjoyable album. Too right and continuity with the predecessor (a disc is expected) but worthy successor, with at least 6 good moments ('The days unusual', 'Boca on earth', 'The Bogey Man', 'Damn sweetness',' Maps' and 'Dinner alien') to preserve its privileged position on the national scene.

And if the fans of the group (many of them teenagers), just to deepen their references will be a good success story. And hopefully this summer occupy the places of the municipalities that until now have been El Canto del Loco, Pereza, or the like, continue walking in the right direction.

Hear it on their official website | Vetusta Morla

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