Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steven Tyler: "sniffing around. So great was my love drug "

The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, has been the leader on the cover of 'Aerosmith', one bursting with energy Steven Tyler positive, cording to the writer who interviewed him, Brian Hiatt. "At this point in my life I feel very lucky. I'm the most beloved bastard America! "He said jokingly at the start of the interview.

Among other things, talks about what prompted him to make the jury in American Idol (the counterpart to American Idol in the U.S.), despite their group mates threatened to throw him out of Aerosmith whether to accept the proposal. "It was a challenge to my group? Sure, Ca ** jo. Not for challenge, but because I can not remain a hostage for more time.

I'll be my own hostage! The group can not lie down. " The veteran rocker and recalls that, in the fall of 2008, flew to London to sing for Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham (famous band members of Led Zeppelin), they were considering the idea of starting a new project, only if he joined them.

"Then I thought: 'I know that this [Aerosmith] is, angry with me, but I think it is for both" he explains. "So, two weeks later, I decided to leave without turning back. My band always waiting for me. " With shame somewhat ironic, he admits that during the failed attempt by Aerosmith released a new album with producer Brendan O'Brien, a couple of years, used drugs to Joe Perry for the first time in a long time.

"It's been thirty years since we drogábamos together. I took mine, he pulled his thing and we snorted it all. " "I told Joe: 'Mi ** da, J, does ... how much? It has been almost 17 years since we drogábamos together! You've been running from me since the last time we did, "he added. Bonding separate recording sessions were not well.

He continues: "Joe was too stoned to be able to play. Actually, I could not do my thing [singing], because I snorted it all at once, and that definitely screwed me throat ... I remembered the passion so great that he had drug and how little I care about the quantity and / or quality. Definitely not a good time.

" This anecdote and much more can be read in the month of May when Tyler published his autobiography: Does the noise in my head bother you? (Do you mind the noise inside my head?). On the same date, will release first solo single of his career, a pop song called "Feels So Good" (It feels so good).

"It's like if you could hear it ring in the cars of people during the summer," he says. He is also working on new material for Aerosmith: earlier this year, the entire band except Perry flew to Los Angeles to record a demo, and Tyler is in talks with Jack Douglas, producer of the group's third album, "Toys in the attic "to work together on this new album consists of an undulating rock guitar, soulful ballads with breathtaking choruses and a greater inclination toward the sound of Aerosmith seventies.

[Source: Rolling Stone Magazine]

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