Friday, May 20, 2011

Igloo live in Oviedo (The Old Station, 05/13/2011): where were indie kids?

Okay there are many concerts, there is no money for everyone, but no entry was expensive and was a day on weekdays of these horrors that costs you leave home. But even with these, the public indie kid is doing very much the lazy and, at least in Asturias, he horrors scratching his pocket costs to listen to a band worthy of live and on disc course, as is Igloo .

The Galician came to Asturias by Crystal Radio, the association is very active lately and always offers a selection of interesting bands and artists. Too bad they could not specify a full on La Antigua Estación Oviedo, a concert venue in which we must not be many to start getting overheated.

And there Igloo jumped on stage after the appearance of a OKAsno they did what they could in duo format. Suggest ways but with that name does not get very far in the Indian state. The quartet has reached its third album with the lesson learned, although they have clearly committed a more sad and depressing that the content of their eponymous debut and the phase transition.

Also is their most immediate and as noted in our companion Javimetal criticism ∞ 3 "condense a darker sound and cohesive" atrenviéndose to deploy its proposal with the following comparison: "Editors know Nada Surf and produced as The National. Live this is diluted into an all quite personal, angry at times and with many references as sinister wave eighties in 'nanomedical', the theme that opened fire, infuriating the guitars in 'Light Years' and the immediacy of the single 'Hundreds of reasons', three short cuts where they are now.

'The day I was left alone' and 'Across the Universe "on the other hand, references from their first two albums and scored against the time difference, the latter much more melancholic and affordable than the new material, most uneasy or depressed as 'The perfect world for Kira', 'partial absence' or 'Juice V', with which they parted.

Igloo have long way to go from now, you can tell they have the

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