Friday, May 20, 2011

Alain Chamfort: a new duet album in 2011

Will we soon see "Fever in the Blood"? Alain Chamfort announced his return for the month of October with a new album from his new record label, Mercury. To celebrate this new agreement, Major Alain Chamfort with Universal Music in the design of an album of his greatest songs in duet with female artists.

Mercury has already announced the participation of Jenifer, Camelia Jordana, Alizée Alain Chamfort Fredrika Stahl ... had become a self-produced artist following his departure from EMI in 2003 after his last studio album "Pleasure." In 2009, the singer released "A Life St. Lawrence," an album that traces the life and professional career of the artist and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Without record company since then, the Mercury label, which offers the singer to return to the front of the French music scene. The new label Alain Chamfort we therefore propose an album of duets for beginning this collaboration. This new CD will include twelve tracks Alain Chamfort and should be released in October 2011 and already stirs our curiosity.

Alain Chamfort to accompany a new version of "Manureva, do we find artists discrete duet with Alain Chamfort? The announcement of the return of Alain Chamfort will not go unnoticed. Through this new CD of covers from singer's biggest hits and the participation of young French women like Jenifer scenes, or Camellia Alizée Alain Chamfort Jordana hope that spoils us and surprise us again.

Noticed by Claude François in 1976, Alain Chamfort remains to this day one of the most charismatic French singers of the song. Throughout his career, he has proposed some innovative and beautiful songs in the air.

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