Friday, May 20, 2011

Wiggum - Sinton Nison Nifa NIFU loves: bright and colorful as its cover

At this point, I would bet that many of you are thinking something about the band name, album title or, failing that, you are color blind that you will be confused with the image of the cover, and dudaréis if the same as the last Album TV On The Radio. Anyway, this shock passed, I hope you continue reading, especially those that you like the light and harmonious pop guitars.

And those who have been curious after this presentation. This album is pop sixties, "from before", romantic, with choirs, sometimes alternating with vocal turns and thrilling. As practicing Tachenko, the Lori Meyers Hostal Pimodan or who made the Costa Brava, El Niño Gusano, with hints of Brincos, Los Angeles, and other groups.

Wiggum - The imaginary girl (Youtube) Therefore, the disc is a pleasant surprise. They are a stunning revelation, because we did not expect another group of this stick, much less so successful. At least 4 of his songs make you regain faith in the chorus can change your day: If you can listen to 'Tales blue', 'The sky of the pools', 'The imaginary girl' or 'A better place' and not sing, hum, move the foot or whistle, it will have to engancharos difficult to Wiggum.

This four-song master, supreme, full of punch and brilliance. But obviously, this also implies that the rest of the album is relativized in comparison with them. Not that the case of isolated flashes, but it is clear that they are a step above 'Bells' (with the other 4, would sign a record half of out-standing), and 2 over the rest of the songs, which are lost in a normally harmless freckle predictable and inconsequential, probably by comparison with the most collected, because heard at random 'Someday' apparent tenderness, 'Jacques Cousteau' noted for its guitars who revel in the everyday, and both ' The air between you and me ',' So I 'and' Amanda Lane 'was inspired by the bitter lada relations without the hook of his songs more bright and optimistic.

Nison synthon NIFU loves Nifa meets its objective: it is an interesting letter from a group with a well defined style and they feel comfortable. Within the crystalline pop, melancholic and innocent, romantic glow over the more intense are placed, and fall somewhat lower standards when revolutions.

But if I ever manage to put 10 songs on the first disc, friends, that day will be wonderful. Meanwhile, enjoy the wait.

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