Friday, May 20, 2011

Maxine Henry-"Fakin 'a promising young talent

The single "Fakin '" marks the official beginning of career of the young singer Maxine Henry. After starting on the Internet, Maxine Henry-now offers the definitive version of his song "Fakin '," already known by more than 50 000 people on social networks. Maxine Henry, 19, a guy like the others, almost as deep inside him lurks a love for music.

From an early age, he is rocked to the music notes. He grew up, accumulate experience. At 5 years, it behind a piano begins to truly tu music, and 6 years later he composed his first pieces. Virus writing does not let go. Like many artists in recent years, Maxine Henry began his career with the buzz on the Internet.

It offers some of the many compositions and hopes to get noticed. This is the case for Maxime Henry. Age 19, he posted on his canvas as "Fakin '" who meets a very good reception from the public. 50 000 Internet users have seen the demo of her single "Fakin '" on YouTube and joined his universe.

Therefore, Maxime Henry is noticed by the label Jo & Co who offered him a wider dissemination of his music. This week, no fewer than 500 radio stations in France who discovered the single "Fakin '" Maxine Henry. The song "Fakin '" is a mixed French-English, words on a simple melody that quickly capture the listener.

With "Fakin '" we find the inspiration of the singer and a nice mix of music both fresh and promising.

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