Monday, May 23, 2011

In The Grace of Your Love, the new album by The Rapture, in September: closer to his goal to end the world?

Do not know if there was a chance that The Rapture have decided to announce today its new album, In The Grace of Your Love, but for them, is an unfortunate coincidence: if anyone still waiting for them may not be trending topic on Twitter because in the U.S. have all weekend making a nuisance with the supposed end of the Catholic world that we played on Saturday (in English, the rapture).

In any case, it is hard to imagine that The Rapture had stirred the passions and to be in thousands of tweets in a short time around the world. Three albums later, the band had run out of steam as to what his debut, Echoes, was and will be difficult to repeat the 'House of Jelous Lovers' song still be avoided if you put it to dance late at night.

But keep in mind that a year ago and said his record was at hand: too much work to study for something that should stand in their easily?. Give them the benefit of the doubt, that the only song we've heard new, 'Sail Away' is live and we'll have time to judge. Now, come on, do you remember this?:

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