Monday, May 23, 2011

Blades and Santa Rosa called on their followers to defend the sauce (+ photos)

San Juan, May 21 (EFE) .- The Panamanian salsa singer Ruben Blades and Gilberto Santa Rosa Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico today resumed their tour "One salsa", and called on his followers to defend tropical salsa as a genre in the whole world. Both artists began duo concert in the Coliseum of Puerto Rico José M.

Agrelot in San Juan, performing "With the greatest elegance." Blades began his chance to solo with "decisions", followed by Santa Rosa to "hold down." After those songs, Santa Rosa, known as "The Gentleman of Salsa", welcomed the thousands of people gathered in the "Choliseo" countries like Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.

Santa Rosa, then chose to support the salsa fans who have defended the genre from its beginnings through the involvement of Latin American musicians, including the Dominican Johnny Pacheco conducting the orchestra of the Fania All Stars, which Blades belonged. Blades, a lawyer and former Minister of Culture of Panama, thanked the salsa, or cocolos? to support their work for more than 40 years and gender that "we must defend it and give it the importance it needs" and then give way to "The Streets." Then, both artists decided to share the microphone, and Santa Rosa singing "Countdown", by Cuban Juan José Hernández, and Blades did the same with "The Tide", a subject he said he did not sing for ten years.

Blades, known as "urban poet of salsa," continued the concert with "Love and control" and "Life Master", followed by the stars of the night to sing "I changed the questions." Santa Rosa, winner of multiple Grammy Awards, continued to dance the night putting some thirty couples "What a way to love", followed by boleros "Lies" and "If you were told." Santa Rosa then decided to perform songs from his early career before becoming a soloist when he participated in the bands of Willie Rosario, Tommy Olivencia, La Grande and Mario Ortiz as "the rose", "Satisfaction", "As gasoline rises, "threw the ball" and "Somebody tell me." After Santa Rosa chance to shine on stage with her repertoire, it fell to Blades sing hits like "Planting the inside", the late Puerto Rican composer Tite Curet Alonso, "On number six," "Finding guava", "Paula C "and" Without your love.

" The singers also were divided on the next stage themes such as "Conscience", by Santa Rosa, and "To be rumba", attended by both salsa. Blades picked up the show with other hits like "Ligia Elena", "Father Antonio and the altar boy Andrew", "Stop" and "The Song of the end of the world." Santa Rosa continued to "forgive" Blades "Pedro Navaja", and the first returned with "My love do not go", while both veteran salsa spectacular concert culminated with "Juan Pachanga" and "Move." Blades and Santa Rosa will continue the tour on 17 and 18 June in the cities of Orlando and Miami, Florida.

By: Jorge J. Muñiz Ortiz

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