Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Katy Perry: "a princess in California" by Erwan Chuberre

With the success of his album "Teenage Dream" Katy Perry has revealed in just two albums, as an essential star of pop music. Backed by a team of talented artists and producers, the interpreter of the hit "I Kissed A Girl", has propelled the top sales and achieves a true "American Dream". Erwan Chuberre now devotes a book: "Katy Perry, a California princess." Posted on editions of the Stars, this book traces the career of an artist who, in just three years, has triumphed in the world of pop and has created a colorful and sparkling in the image of his personality amazing.

Uninhibited seductress in addition to being a star of hits, Katy Perry and her powerful voice tone became as famous as his looks, incredibly sexy attracts the objectives of cameras for pages celebrity around the world. "This book is the first biography on our French princess Californian.

Erwan Chuberre draw the portrait top-to-color Katheryne young Elizabeth Hudson, daughter of the pastor who had a single dream: to become a huge star in the image of his childhood idols. " "Katy Perry, a Californian princess" is a book to savor for all fans of Katy Perry. It will delight your curiosity with his many anecdotes and stories exclusive of fans and journalists.

Erwan Chuberre tells with precision and humor the success story of this new pop icon whose character continues to grow. An artist willing to touch the stars. This new book dedicated to Katy Perry completes the creation Erwan Chuberre. The author has already devoted to biographies of Mylène Farmer, Madonna, Britney Spears, Lorie, Vanessa Paradis, Arielle Dombasle, Lady Gaga, Isabelle Adjani and Olivia Ruiz.

This new book will help you get acquainted with the California Gurl. " Available since April 2011, the book also contains a booklet of 8 pages photos.

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