Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga launches 'The Edge Of Glory': the glory is still far

Lady Gaga still does not leave anyone indifferent. Grace can make, or can estomagarte badly, but it is unusual warm reaction. She is responsible for the perfection of the fiber play when needed and to raise that argument at the time so flattering to be on everyone's lips, and whose latest incarnation has taken place in the video of 'Judas', which marks a reinterpretation biblical super-duper.

However, or at least what we have had the opportunity to go listen, I'm afraid Born This Way, whose release date is set for May 20, will be a certain distance of both The Fame and its successor in reduced format, The Fame Monster. Their first two singles, "Born This Way 'and' Judas 'has been compared by their excessive similarities to Madonna and other issues of his own Lady Gaga,' Bad Romance." I understand that when a formula works, use it is highly tempting - to be told to Pau Dones - but this woman's expectations were so high that it is almost impossible not to have a bittersweet taste.

'The Edge Of Glory' will be the first of three promotional singles act to accompany the countdown to the album's release. This theme, composed by the singer after the death of his grandfather, a baladón eighties tinged with a hint of sweetness something sharp. It differs clearly from its two predecessors, though not convince me at all.

It lacks the punch that they do have a lot of his songs, and although it appreciates the variety in relation to the first two singles from the album, I think it reaches the height of any of the singles from his debut. Still, the song reached number one in sales on iTunes in 11 countries, which is a clear sign that his followers Gaga retains intact.

After 'The Edge Of Glory', the second promo single will be 'Hair', which will be released next May 16 to go pending relieving Born This Way.

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