Friday, May 6, 2011

Lady Gaga releases video of 'Judas': the Bible Gaga

It promised to be the best video of the story, she herself said recently in an interview, but has been on a 'Like a Prayer' much more badass and less provocative. And wonder, as it is loaded with biblical and religious references and what we all know that he will transgress Lady Gaga, things could have made for much more.

Like it or not Lady Gaga, we must recognize that their videos are required viewing to say after this time if the marketing has done its job. There are a lot of money behind the best equipment and more trends in all fashion magazines of the world combined. But this time something went wrong, maybe the reason is that she has been responsible for directing (along with creative director Laurieann Gibson) but it is clear that 'Judas' is not their best song, let alone your best video.

Crowns of thorns, crucifixes, some innovative choreography and less spectacular, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Judas ... With Gaga have encountered. Ah, the gadget this time, a lipstick pistol, is not it all very childish? If this is the year's most anticipated, most innovative and leaving millions of people around the world will be blown away, come down and see God.

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