Friday, May 6, 2011

My Morning Jacket have new song circuital and seems on track again

My Morning Jacket will wait until the end of the month to release their sex album, circuital, but have a couple of months in advance songs and information about him. The last thing I have decided to get ahead is 'Victory Dance', opening track from the new album and is situated halfway between what My Morning Jacket were and what they seem to want to be from his latest album, Evil Urges.

The song is from less to more, although the beginning and warned that this is a topic that is not afraid to be ambitious and would not mind falling into excess. Before we had already heard the title track and that is where the followers of the first records we hold on. The band rock recovered all its essences to compose a song more than seven minutes a bare chest, the slow growing but end up being hopeless.

Keep an ear: My Morning Jacket - circuital by cooperativemusicuk The third area of advancement of circuital came in between others. Despite the title, "Holdin 'On To Black Metal' is not exactly metalera, but closest to Evil Urges, if only for its aesthetic is much more funky and achieved.

Would you like to Peter, Family Guy, as well as songs from previous albums to Z, when it became fatal fan? The circuital tracklist is as follows:

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