Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga: The single "The Edge of Glory" succde the video of "Judas"

The long awaited album by Lady Gaga "Born This Way" will no longer delay. A few days before the release of this album which promises to be exciting, Lady Gaga does not let off steam and already a new single, "The Edge Of Glory." After the song "Born This Way" and "Judas", Lady Gaga has announced to all his "babies" that they have a new candy ..

As for the 2 previous hits, "The Edge of Glory" is no exception to the rule. The single is available online almost simultaneously on all channels. The new song by Lady GaGa is a new creation of the artist. Recipe for new music of the song "The Edge Of Glory, Lady Gaga has done in the blending of flavors by creating a pop song boosted by the participation of famous band E Street Band, the musicians include Bruce Springsteen, and the saxophonist Clarence Clemons renowned.

Lady Gaga accelerates so things with the presentation "surprise" of this new song, "The Edge Of Glory," only four days after the posting of the clip of "Judas". A little surprise that will delight fans, but had already leaked. Several English-speaking radio stations had been warned by Interscope for the release of new single, "The Edge Of Glory," last week.

"The Edge Of Glory" Lady Gaga is also accompanied by new artwork created, one imagines, by the team of "Haus Of Gaga ', which, again, this superstar of hits, a ubiquitous character of pop culture.

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