Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lucia Perez, after the festival: "My skills as an artist beyond Eurovision

With the same smile that a few hours before facing the adverse results of online polls that were losing the Eurovision, Lucia Perez, the Spanish representative, responded to the cameras after the end of the festival. The best of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 I'm happy and pleased with the results Despite having been in office 23 of 25 and that during the voting even odd jobs last, "Galician said he was in good spirits:" I am happy and happy with the results, "he said.

According to the singer, the role played by Spain in Düsseldorf had been very positive: "My view is that the reaction of the people and the media during the run has been very good. Spain has a good image, all have received our proposal in a superb form. " Therefore, the whole team is "happy" he said.

Also wished to have no time to rest, as they longed to get back on stage to demonstrate his "skills as an artist, beyond Eurovision." Raquel Perez appeared in the 56 th edition of the musical event in 22 th position. His performance was praised by the organization. However, the song that should be interpreted, that he removed it bailao, had been criticized even by experts of the contest that had been dismissed as outdated.

Defend before the contest, the young Galician said he did not mind the position in which to stay, and continue his career. "Let me take away what bailao" he said.

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