Sunday, May 15, 2011

Azerbaijan, Eurovision winner unexpected while Lucia Perez is penultimate

The worst predictions were fulfilled: the Spanish representative in Eurovision, Lucia Perez, Galicia, 25, was last Saturday between the positions of the contest: 23 out of 25. Only Estonia and Switzerland were behind her. The best of Eurovision Song Contest 2011, for its part, the duet Ell & Nikki, Azerbaijan, were won despite not being among the favorites of experts or online gambling.

Azeris received 221 points thanks to a romantic ballad pop soul (Running Scared) highly catchy that highlighted their proximity to compositions by artists such as Beyoncé. Neither France nor the United Kingdom or Germany, which many pointed as possible winners of this 56th edition, managed to rank among the top three in a night of surprises.

Instead, Italy, returning to the festival after 14 years absence, proclaiming reached second with Raphael Gualazzi and Madness of love, a beautiful and cinematic ride past decades. Sweden, who won his ticket to the final in 2010, was third with Eric Saade (dubbed by Eurofans as 'Justin Bieber Swedish'), who played Popular.

During more than three hours of the festival, won the dance genre that divas Rihanna Lady Gaga or have expanded in recent years around the world. In fact, the candidate of Russia, Alexey Vorobyov, performed a song written by songwriter Lady Gaga, although in his case did not do as well as a diva gives the plexiglass.

The ballads were also prominent in all of the hand of Nadine Beiler (Austria), Maja Keuco (Slovenia), the Lithuanian Evelina Sasenko-he uttered the first cock of the evening, or Mika Newton (Ukraine), among many others. As for attire, won the 'pelopincho' of the mischievous twins Jedward Irish, who offered one of the funniest performances of the evening, also opted for the solo crest Danish group A friend in London, which combined with a dark outfit and eighties.

The pads also told his supporters. No doubt the Blue group in the UK, one of the most repeated names in the pools Eurovision winner, finished the event festivalero dissatisfied with his eleventh place. Training is a boys band (group of components that produce male dance and pop music tend to accompany their performances with choreography).

This is a format that had its peak in the 90 with names like Take That or Backstreet Boys but, currently, it is something desfasadado. Another was Estonia, which had received good reviews in recent weeks. Their singer, Getter Jaani, was in the penultimate position. His proposal could be assimilated to the successful artist Katy Perry, who shares the catchy rhythms and a taste for seemingly frivolous image, nice and naive.

However, the jury seemed to appreciate this detail. Overnight blasts also highlighted that the stalls devoted to the spokespersons of the countries that were part of the jury when they read their verdicts. Occurred when countries gave their votes to another for allegedly 'cronyism' or geographic proximity.

According to users who expressed an opinion on Twitter, this happened on numerous occasions. Twitter was the great ally of the musical event: a few hours, the ten trending topics (More Comments) social network were related to the festival. Spain met at the end of the musical 50, which claimed ten countries.

Two of them, the neighbors France and Portugal gave the maximum score, 12 points, Lucia Perez managed to leave the bottom of the ranking. The other countries that voted in the Spanish were FYR Macedonia (4 points), Slovakia (2), United Kingdom (1), Slovenia (2), Switzerland (3), Romania (5), Albania (5) and Estonia ( 5).

Despite the outcome, Lucia Perez said after the show he was "pleased and happy" and longed to get on stage to demonstrate their artistic abilities "beyond Eurovision."

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