Monday, May 16, 2011

Lucía Pérez "If I submit again to sing other Eurovision song, more folk

The best of Eurovision 2011 Lucía Pérez, the Spanish representative at Eurovision 2011, repeats the telephone is "pleased and happy" for having participated in the European song festival. Despite being relegated to the penultimate position in the final standings of the event, explained that he had fulfilled his "targets": "My victory is to have come to Düsseldorf and criticism regarding my way of interpreting have been very favorable," he argues.

However, upon his return to competition, would play "a different song" that showed on Saturday night would be "folk." And after the storm ... I am still in place, but I feel very happy. The reactions to my performance has been very positive and that was my goal, whether to stay in a better position or worse.

We all know that 'political votes' exist in Eurovision Do you think the blame for failure in the classification is due to the choice of the song, as noted by some voices? Eurovision is a festival a little special in that play many factors. The score does not depend solely on the song or artist but, for example, neighboring countries to vote together.

The issue I had removed it bailao positive elements: the whole world danced and hummed in Düsseldorf Arena as he sang. However, if I were to choose a song contest which could prove more of my acting ability, which is my forte. The style would be a folk ballad with a strong chorus, a song that you would rush.

Do you think the 'political voting' has been detrimental to Spain? Well, Spain has few neighbors. Anyway, we know that such votes there and I was ready. The important thing is that Eurovision will taking confidence here, I go looking through the Spanish, while in other countries is going to Eurovision again, here is not too well seen.

However, it is a great festival performers, this year showed that there was a high quality. I hope people see him again as the largest showcase of Spain or platform. It says it could introduce the next festival. "Enter your plans? Not rule it out, maybe not next year. If repeated Germany's Lena why I can not take me a second chance? The experience of riding a stage of this category is unique, all who have been there would like to return.

Did you expect the victory of Azerbaijan? No, it was a surprise. In fact, he believed would not pass the semifinal, with that tell you everything. I had other favorites: Switzerland ... That was the last one!, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Austria ... As we say in my country, I am not good 'meiga', my predictions were not fulfilled.

And it's proof that anything can happen at Eurovision. I'm no good 'meiga': my favorite was Switzerland, which was the last even after the outcome of Spain maintained a smile. Is that as it gets? I was greatly concerned at the festival. When we got off the stage, we were happy because we had done everything we could, we had given everything.

The other, points, gave me the same. Absolutely. As for the previous bet we predicted a failure, it is a story: they said that Norway was favorite and then did not reach the final. What now? I hope this is the door that opened many others. I have some signed acts before the festival, but I hope to have from now many more.

I want a girl that goes beyond the Eurovision. Eight years I've been struggling, just make a new album with Warner (cross my fingers is called) and hopefully there are many activities to present and know that people live. Or in Spotify. Let the whole world to hear! By the way, what about the party after Eurovision? A party.

It was not all countries, but enough. Imagine, we were up to 8.30 in the morning! I would also like to highlight the atmosphere prior to the festival and the role of Eurofans, which is essential for the artist. They are truly the essence of Eurovision!

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