Monday, May 16, 2011

New video of Steven Tyler (+ video)

After a long wait, the favorite Steven the charts released her first solo video. After 'rock' for over 30 years, with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler debuted his first single on American soil. American Idol, the talent show, was the venue chosen to launch its first song, in life, such as video solistaEl "(It) Feels So Good" opened big and 'certain celebrity' women accompanied him in the scenes end of it.

Without wishing to spoil the surprise, the secondary: Nicole Scherzinger, the beautiful brunette ever leader of the group Pussycat Dolls. Many could not believe it and, despite the refusal of such collaboration, the public accepted that both make good pair ... and they listen very well together.

The video is the definition of Tyler as a singer, as an artist. It remains true to himself and his musical beliefs and that has held as many were betting on "something more commercial." Apparently not rule out the possibility of a solo album (if success is proposed to launch this song is reached).

Also, probably not now. He is working on the fifteenth Aerosmith album and there is no going back. The band is starting to write songs and make sounds for this new production that will continue to 'Honkin' on Bobo ', launched in 2004 .. Here the much publicized video of 'bad boy' of Rock & Roll

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