Monday, May 9, 2011

Madonna: music projects for Lourdes?

In loving mother, Madonna has plans for Lourdes, her daughter. The pop queen looks after her children and seems to start young Lourdes in the world of music. Several British tabloids announce the upcoming release of a single of Lourdes, entitled "It's So Cool" recorded with Madonna. According to The Sun, Madonna's career should prepare her daughter Lourdes.

The American star had said they wanted to make her daughter "One of the greatest artists of the world. . Madonna, 52 years old, would start already thinking about his succession. Who could succeed him in the music world today? Many people think of Lady Gaga. His way to provoke the emotion is still a bit too modeled on aspects of career transition from Madonna.

In February 2011, while the small family of Madonna was in New York, Madonna began preparing his next album. During a few sessions in the studio, Madonna took to save her daughter Lourdes on a song entitled "It's So Cool". The song "It's So Cool" was recorded for the first time eight years ago, the version with the voice of the teenager had never left.

The song has been reworked and it seems that Madonna now considers that Lourdes is ready. One source of the newspaper The Sun, Madonna could include Lourdes in song with his next album, or use it on the soundtrack of his film about the American socialite Wallis Simpson.

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