Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mariah Carey: Guess the twins prnoms on Twitter

Since April 30, 2011, singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are the proud parents of twins. After a few days well deserved rest, Mariah Carey is back on Twitter! American star Mariah Carey has given birth to a baby girl and a boy, aged 41 years, Mariah Carey gave birth in a hospital in Los Angeles last weekend.

Since that happy event for the couple, the U.S. tabloid rival of tricks to try to get the names of two babies. The young mother continues to prolong the suspense by not revealing the names of his children. On his Twitter account, Mariah Carey began by thanking all those that have expressed their joy at this happy event while enjoying the current storyline to start a guessing game on the social network by planting evidence.

Before disclosing the names of his children, Mariah Carey simply said: "Soon I will give you their names, I love you," before adding "Their first names both start with M! . Since that announcement, Mariah Carey received an impressive number of first names beginning with the letter "M". Sites celebrity on their side, all names invented the most improbable.


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