Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madrid and Barcelona will host the Spanish concerts Mana

The Spanish tour of the Mexican rock band Maná will arrive in Madrid on September 15 and 20 to Barcelona, as the group announced during a mini concert tour presentation of his latest album, Drama and Light, which begins in San Juan of Puerto Rico in June. The Sports Palace of Madrid and the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona will be the venues of the group awaited return to Spain, whose entries will go on sale this month.

Maná has offered a taste of his tour in Madrid's Coliseum Theatre where he has performed Artery eight issues before some 800 people invited to the concert organized by the chain's top 40. The Mexican rock group opened the concert with heart Rain, subject presentation of his latest work, to continue with his best known songs: Labios compartidos, You're my religion, Corazón Espinado, Me vale, Vivir sin aire, In the spring of San Blas and nailed in a bar.

Before you begin, the lead singer, Fher Olvera, said he was happy to be "one of my favorite countries" which the band considers "our second home." The audience that filled the theater, between the faces he had known as the former rider Fonsi Nieto or employer Javier Hidalgo, chanted songs and responded to the invitation of the singer to stand up and dance.

Light drama and ended five years of silence. The band started working on it in the spring of 2010, after taking 2009 sabbatical to recover from three years of intensive promotion of love is to fight. His eighth album was released on April 12 and takes two weeks ranked number one in sales in our country.

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