Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rihanna diffuses 40 000 times on radio in 2010

The Observatory has just published his music very serious indicator of musical diversity in radio. Besides the statistical tool, very rich, it is particularly the list of the artists and songs most played in 2010 on the French airwaves. In 2010, an American singer you hear on most radio stations. According to figures from the Observatory of the music is Rihanna, who spent more than 40 000 times on the radio is nearly 109 times a day all over the FM band in total over all radio stations panel of the observatory of the music.

Rihanna has accumulated over the year 2010 more than 10 songs played. Rihanna ahead of the group Black Eyed Peas which benefited last year from 34,000 broadcasts with the same number of songs. In the remainder of the podium in 2010, Lady Gaga moved to complete the second with 33,739 broadcasts of eight songs.

It took the fourth place to find the first French interpreter. Christophe Maé moved to fourth place in the ranking of the best releases 2010 despite advances in other French artists. Indeed, the song stopped running in 2010 is "Help Myself" Gaetan Roussel, followed closely by "Rain" singer Mika.

In conclusion, despite an overall increase in the number of different titles broadcast radio, the report of the Observatory of the music is still marked by a decline in the French repertoire and new broadcast on FM. A bitter fact that had already creaking SNEP, which in an open letter, urging the media to promote more historical musical diversity.

The Observatory notes that music dance music remakes naturally surface in the musical 2010.

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