Thursday, May 19, 2011

Melendi tells Venezuela: "Let's Start"

The amphitheater will host Sambil for all the irreverence that characterizes the Spaniard singer Melendi, who will be felt for the third time in Venezuela, this time with his latest "start" which as he says, is " point and often "in his career, which proposes changes in its content and maturity. "The disks are stages that one goes in life (...) When I wrote my first record was 18 and he was 'mad goat' who did not think anything more than to live the moment and that obviously is reflected in the letters.

Now I have 32 years and 2 children and my perspective on life is quite different from back then, but I still have the same ideals, "he said." Let's Start "is for Melendi, a little of that has begun to live, things that although it has had for some time, had failed to enjoy, it recognizes that the girl met him fame and overcame it, "sour" a little life, and now with the arrival of her children and her new production feels that lives in many ways, a very good phase of life which for him is a new beginning, which manifests in a more hard rocker, more aggressive, reflecting its growth as a musician, composer and performer in which, as always, has given free rein to the lyric, making it strong.

In his press conference, Melendi confessed to Music Rumors that songs like "Pawn Hearts" show it as it feels like now, on this issue Melendi explains how we all have an angel and a demon, the latter costs a lot of control, " however, his family is one who does hold to fight. "The little guy always angel and the devil appears very large (...) and when I'm idle I'm dangerous, and say that when the devil gets bored swatting flies with their tails, and I am myself," he said kindly to the singer.

On this visit promises Melendi comprehensive and entertaining show, which not only play the songs from his latest album, but also take the opportunity to remember their past issues and give us some of his "rumba scoundrel." The Spaniard has high expectations for this 19 and 21 May in which he hopes to be the same taste in the mouth of his last two performances, where the audience shook the ground, chanting along with him all his songs, this time also Valencia will be able to vibrate to the rhythm of topics, including "Love Song Expired", "Barbie of suburbs" and "Melancolemia" in a show of more than two hours on stage, under the organization of Emporio Group.

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