Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sober - Superbia: they say that sequels are never good but ...

It is a cliché but sequels were never good and for me Sôber story should have ended as we left behind Reddo. In Madrid the band followed him since the beginning of his career and never, even at its most commercial, like I stopped. The formation of Savia and Skizoo despite consolidate two great bands, especially the second, I keep thinking about what was the cause for not petaran, finished as the string of dawn.

Without clear success, or sales or concerts, there was an impasse and the option was back. Video | The Sober Superbia YouTube are not the same as before the split. Lack Alberto Madrid, battery to always have to have you here, because besides being a good musician was a good person, and his replacement Manu Reyes said that there is a crack.

Nor is the same time. Sôber back in better shape than when they published Reddo (Muxxic, 2004) which is not saying much but do so with an album that sounds like a cannon is not with them but the unfortunate BigSimon Alberto Seara and studies Cube, which has been in recent years bank operations Escobedo Bernardini.

Some people will say Superbia hear that there is nothing new, the issues are traced to the old, there is no clear developments in the group. Now, who wants news? Did someone expect if they were once so well? This sixth studio album is a return to the beginning, the primal logo Sôber have removed all the superfluous with respect to the arrangements, getting to me that whole impression of a live album.

Video | YouTube 'Superbia' begins with a choral intro in Latin, "Ab exordium humani generis, ab mundi exordium vitae, a superbia initium, omnis Sumpsi perditio" I do not quite fit in, is the only one but at a huge issue Hammond organ includes guest Marta Ruiz Perdiguero (Sex Museum). Good chorus, an instrumental sweeping and final apotheosis.

'The Spider' has everything you missed Sober: mystery, emotion, epic lyrics and an instrumental part of outstanding. '666 'Without being a bad subject, lowers the threshold for being too speculative, and a letter rather hackneyed. 'Tic Tac' is a good choice as a single. It is half time with enough hooks and reconciled with his former fans, who surely were hoping that the band did not come down the bar.

Here Fernando Calvo, guitarist of The Softies, put the guitar solo. Video | YouTube 'Ghost' starts with ringing guitars alternately left and right channel. Best of the theme are the guitars, both as arpeggio riffs and solos, which involve some parts and the vocal contribution of Carlos Escobedo, huge in the more than 5 minutes and a half that has the item.

"Our final 'is very Skizoo, but also appreciate nuances of Redd penalty that letter that says" people are poor, really poor. " 'Umbilical' returns us to a hardened and metal Sôber, fierce guitars and double bass, and a priceless tune, house brand. 'Cast Away' is a bit of balm on the album.

Acoustic guitars envelop a topic a tad sappy, very 40 Principales which also have their fans, but is not an example of Sôber 2011. 'Last call' also has the dark speck of some cuts of the Madrid group, with such disturbing verses wrapped in ethereal instrumentation that is mutated from half in a very sugar cane, with keyboards included.

'Lair' is another of my favorites on the disc because it brings that melancholy so characteristic of the band with the instrumentation but not too hardened. 'Fortune, fame or pleasure', also enters the first, even with the intro to programming that is repeated in other parts of the subject.

Surprising as little and live will be a cannon. As bonus track we are with 'Shadow', another whiplash that tells us are looking forward Sôber. Second parts are never good but ... Sôber starts well.

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