Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mickael Miro: the album "Just Like a" APRS "Lhorloge Turns"

All goes well for Mickael Miro. With his song "Turn The Clock" and especially his gimmick "damdamdéo," the singer has successfully launched its first studio album "Just Like That." Indeed, after its heady first single, the singer Mick Lyons Miro has released this week its first studio album entitled "Just Like That." For those of you who do not know yet Mickael Miro is a young talented artist and very promising.

This young singer-songwriter is happy when he sings and when he tells his stories in music, his encounters, his need to love and be loved. His debut album "Just like that," finally sees the day after the success of her single "The clock is ticking." The first single from his album, has succeeded in conquering the media.

"The clock is ticking," recognizable as French production with its now famous "damdamdéo" is now one of the best broadcast media in France. If the length of a song you can almost hear a melody both new and familiar and the words resonate with you as the echoes of your own memories, it may be that you are listening to one of 11 songs from the album "Just Like that" Mickael Miro.

"Just as it is filled with simple texts and a very pop music that won wide acclaim. Here is the list of songs from the album "Just Like that" Mickael Miro: 01 - Turn The Clock 02 - My Affair 03 - Let Me Go 04 - Just Like That - duet with Natasha St Pier 05 - Mon Father 06 - Add Forever 07 - Pretty Dragonfly 08 - The Moon fout 09 - In the arms of one 10 - Love Of My Dictator 11 - In my crystal ball

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