Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exclusive: New Beyonce video, "Run the world [Girls]

Should be entitled "The incarnation of Britney Spears." Beyonce has decided to show "his" version of the end of the world in her new music video. Makes more, about the song was leaked on the internet and although it got good reviews, had created the expectation that publication of the photos while recording video was tolerant of his fans waiting for 'some improvement'.

The result is this: Honestly, the video enhanced the song. It makes one is transported to a place that never imagine existed. Something like "Somalia Reloaded": A violent escape from hell where everything is apocalyptic breathe and everything is covered in dust and tragedy. Except for the blonde.

The singer's hair makes it unrecognizable to the point that seems to lose its dark skin. In addition, he is seen-at least-10 years younger. It's incredible. The dancing is excellent. The choreography has a very good military waveform that resembles the one worn by Janet Jackson's video for "Rhythm Nation." The style is great too: the golden suit with ornaments in your hands is bizarre but very cool.

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