Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moby: "Destroyed" album 2011

Moby's new album was released this week. Entitled "Destroyed", the New York artist offers a new concept to both electronic and nostalgic. Two years after the album "Wait For Me", Moby offers a complete work of art that contains both a disc and a book of photographs. Moby's new album, "Destroyed" was recorded at the former.

For this new album, the DJ and composer did not use its computers and various machines, but returned to his first love, at the age of analog recording. For example, Moby's new album was mixed on a mixing console in 1972. Victim of insomnia, Moby, worked the night his new compositions. "Destroyed" is a project consisting of a disc and a book that invites us to explore the universe of Moby firstly through his music and 55 photographs taken by the composer during his various shows throughout the world.

The book that accompanies the CD, is a book of 128 pages of photos taken together by Moby worldwide. In this book, the singer reveals the hidden side of his various tours. This new project Moby immerses us into his world both mysterious and intriguing. Moby will soon present his photographs in an exhibition "Chez Colette" in Paris.

Moby will also present a book signing Monday, May 23 from 18h. Here are the title of the album "Destroyed" by Moby: 01 - The Broken Places 02 - Be The One 03 - Sevastopol 04 - The Low Hum 05 - Rockets 06 - The Day 07 - Lie Down In Darkness 08 - Victoria Lucas 09 - After 10 - Blue Moon 11 - The Right Thing 12 - Stella Maris 13 - The Violent Bear It Away 14 - Lacrimae 15 - When You Are Old 16 - Sandpaper

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