Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miley Cyrus meets in his debut in Brazil to 14,000 people

Pop singer Miley Cyrus debuted at the Brazilian audience with a vibrant and emotional presentation which led to the delusion that the 14,000 spectators packed the HSBC Arena derio de Janeiro. The lights went up on schedule and the young American star burst on stage with just five minutes late for his first concert in Brazilian soil.

After a controversial step for Paraguay, Cyrus was welcomed in the country carioca "Thanks folks. You are fantastic. I need to tell you one thing: you, the Brazilians are the real reason for having done this tour," were the words of Cyrus before starting to sing Liberty Walk, the latest album Can not be tamed, launched in 2010.

The artist, who played twenty songs, including their successes Party in the USA and The climb, he changed clothes six times, the last to wear an outfit very sensual red. Cyrus, 18, and gained fame for his role in the teen series "Hannah Montana" will be presented Saturday at the Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo.

During his tenure with Rio de Janeiro, the singer enjoyed the beaches and attractions such as Christ the Redeemer, and show always nice to his fans, who always beset since its arrival in the capital carioca. The singer ended up in Brazil after performing in Paraguay, where the sexy and naughty costumes discomfort caused some of his followers.

After passing through Latin America, where he will visit a dozen countries, Cyrus mid-June start a new tour of Australia to present his new job.

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