Saturday, May 14, 2011

The reasons that led to the German city of Dusseldorf to host 2011 Eurovision

If there is a question that professionals and lovers of Eurovision were made in the days before the start of the festival, besides the obvious doubt about the winner of this year, was what led to their responsibility to file this macro in a city of music pretty strangers. Faced with a tradition established at Eurovision in recent years, which host the festival in the capital fell to the host country, with few exceptions, Germany has exercised its decentralization effort, the organization of the event providing a great unknown for Europe Düsseldorf.

This German city meets the offices of fashion, advertising and media alemanesA priori, it might seem that the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia was not carrying the best cards, since it was played with the modern headquarters and cosmopolitan Berlin, also with Hamburg, the second largest city, with its large river port, and finally, in Hannover, the garden city, experienced in the organization of fairs.

What's in Düsseldorf for this western German city of just 600,000 inhabitants and is made with chocolate Eurovision economic and advertising? If we heed the words of the director of the German public broadcaster NDR, Lutz Marmor, the main reason for their choice resides in Düsseldorf Arena, an impressive sports complex can accommodate up to 35,000 people, with a proven sound great concerts, as well as its established infrastructure in the field of media.

As Marmor said, his proposal is worthy of the "twelve points" if we add the airport, connected to most international airports in Europe, and geographical location on the so-called Ruhr Basin, near the border Belgium and Holland, in a population area that includes 10 million people. It is the sixth largest city with a better quality of life, according to consultancy MercerAdemás, Düsseldorf is known throughout the country as the city of Germanic fashion industry, advertising, and is home to the media as the WDR, in the port Medienhafen sports, which also is one of the main symbols, the TV tower, about 240 feet tall, eight meters taller than the famous "lollipop" Torrespaña in Madrid.

The Medienhafen, with its modern buildings on the banks of the Rhine, is also a point of interest for fans of the new architecture, a group created by the famous Frank Gehry, among others. The gossips also say it is 'cock', which from the cold data, more politically correct, means that Eurovision will be held this year in the sixth city in the world in quality of life, according to the index compiled by the consultancy Mercer , second only to Vienna, Zurich and Geneva in Europe.

Its opulence is evident in one of his most famous avenues, the Paseo del Rey Königsallee or where rampant the best names in fashion. There is also Zara, as it is known that Amancio Ortega, founder, has smell to locate its stores in the shelter of the most exclusive brands. To make matters worse, the old part of town, Altstadt, presumed to serve beer in "the world's longest bar" because it has more than 250 pubs and restaurants and, as a good neighbor and its Cologne carnival, everything is in a "gay-friendly."

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