Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mountain Goats - All Eternal Decks: The best damn band of non-California Death Metal

An album by The Mountain Goats is not a book but is more enjoyable if you listen well, read. The narrative of John Darnielle talent has scattered many songs, incontinent, as he is, over a career that you can still catch at his best, as much as Eternal All Decks is the thirteenth! disc. But what about the music? For some time, The Mountain Goats abandoned lo-fi sound for a clean sound, sometimes close to the standard, which supports its strong foundation columns invisible.

Namely, Darnielle's voice, his stories, the simplicity of it all. They have never been pompous and as much as this may say Eternal All Decks, his new album is influenced by Cannibal Corpse, I would have liked to see the face in the study of Erik Rutan when he found it harder than he could give was Vitamin 'Estate Sale Sign.

" Some time ago, at the height of Get Lonely, The Mountain Goats stepped forward who had both a time and many find a posteriori. Had previously been sleeping a band, recording songs on a Boom Box. Since then, were some additional, perhaps more complete, but not because everything was better recorded, but because the musical mind of Darnielle was not going slower than your mouth.

For the best songs of that essential album refer, for example, 'Age of Kings', a hot topic at All Eternal Decks. Musically, The Mountain Goats return to stretch, but it does not matter much if the previous album was better or worse, or if now they are back to where the last two: draw your conclusions, do not let them tell you what to think.

What matters is how Eternal All Decks are self-sustaining. And speaking of that, gentlemen, there is no way to break down the walls that Darnielle has word for word, letter by letter. Driven by the need Death Metal, when Darnielle wants to get dark, he leaves the perfect soundtrack to close Red Dead evokes Redemption as Judy Garland.

You would not want to see these men with the mask on, and could never sleep with a gas mask on, no matter how beautiful it is. 'Beautiful Gas Mask', incidentally, is like putting a layer of discomfort and guilt Catholic REM acoustic songs (near Life's Rich Pageant, more or less). The Mountain Goats have always been a group that has accustomed itself to fun to play.

It came as no surprised that some of the best and most striking lines of this disc are in 'High Hawk Season', with its chorus half joking, half serious: one and a half ago I distanced myself from them. The Life of The World To Come left me cold, but it took some time thinking about retake it, as so many things that may not have paid much attention in times of frenzy.

We are all accelerated readers, sang Los Campesinos!, And it is wrong to tiptoe records from The Mountain Goats, when even the less inspired songs (Hello, "Prowl Great Cain ') had a compliment that gives meaning to everything . I did and now I think I have to check my myself, instead of The Mountain Goats.

Obviously it is not easy to sign a disc with ten or twelve 'San Bernadino'. But it is putting a disarming falsetto (as in 'Sourdoire Valley Song'), to cultivate a space for the things that damage you have done, dedicate a Charles Bronson Anthem (which may not be in this Charles Bronson), failure in a settlement, or several, and end by lifting almost everything.

Do not know, today I think John Darnielle takes some time doing just what we asked Stephin Merritt, but it no longer gives us, that is singing what we would like Sufjan Stevens devoted his attention when you pass horror vacui. And the same is that crudísima songs like 'Never Remove Free' (A child abuse?) Is the true emotion and REM Decemberists or indeed have been able to recapture all.

If you've got there and you felt that you, congratulations: you're on dry land. Head high, come back to have a group to trust you alone. More Hypersonic | The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride

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