Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Song For The Future

Roberto Vecchioni and Margherita Hack promote the music contest "A Song For The Future". Through music, the ICFTU Public Administration intends to improve and promote young people in their studies and for this reason launched this initiative to give concrete support to those who deserve, will be going after the higher education institutions, to continue university studies.

The competition, aimed at children who attend the fifth year (also at night) of high school in Trieste, or enrolled in the first year of a three-year course at the University of Trieste, expected to be given chance to the participants, or individual in groups to present a brand new song.

Particular attention will have pieces that deal with social issues youth. A vote via the web site dedicated to give the possibility, for the most voted, access to the final evening, which will be held May 31 in Trieste and a jury will decide the winner. The winner will receive a prize consisting in the payment of the registration fee at the University of Trieste for the academic year 2011/2012.

Testimonial's official Profesoressa the Margherita Hack, world-renowned research, astrophysics scholar of the stars but also of the human life-giving and sincere advocate of the role of youth in society. Sar Roberto Vecchioni, winner of the last Festival of Sanremo, as well as singer who has delighted audiences and music, the more generations, to guide the jury in the first edition of 'A song for the future'.

Being part of the jury also a journalist and DJ Ricky Russo. For info unacanzoneperilfuturo. cislfpts @ gmail. com or cell. +39,342 1485875www. myspace. com / unacanzoneperilfuturo

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