Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morla Vetusta published the second part of his acclaimed debut

"Maps of who we are, traces of our achievements, failures, past or present continuous, collections of medals and scratches." So Vetusta Morla explains why a title like Maps for your second job, which on Monday saw the light streaming through its own website. The stores will still have to wait a bit to take physical form which, without doubt, is one of the most anticipated albums of the 2011.

Maps began to take shape after an intense tour to promote his first album, A Day in the world, Spain, Mexico and Argentina. It is composed of 12 songs recorded in Andoain (Guipúzcoa) and mixed in Madrid for the composition of which the band tried to find new paths through different sonic textures and instrumentation.

The first single, On the river, it takes weeks going through the Red One issue that impacts on the raised on his first album and has served as an appetizer for the fans. Morla was dilapidated, with Russian Red, which these days is also launching its revalidation with the Sony Label, "the great independent music sensation of 2008 and 2009.

His debut, released under the umbrella of his own record label, Little Salto Mortal, the street was public and critics with its skillful blend of rock and pop epic and worked dye letters in Castilian. Now repeat the adventure of desktop publishing, but with the advantage of experience. From this point, the Madrid group embarks on an ambitious tour of several Spanish cities.

Will be time to verify, in situ, the response of their fans to new songs. And if necessary, return to contradict what you said that sequels are never good. This week is loaded with new releases. After announcing his return a year ago, the hard rock band from Madrid Superbia Sôber publishes its sixth studio album.

The New York-based rap band Beastie Boys returned to the fray with Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. Jennifer Lopez The media does the same with Love? And the soul diva Aretha Franklin shows that at 69 years still in good shape with the launch of A woman falling out of love.

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