Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj: Diddy's over with!

This time it's official! P. Diddy is no longer the manager Nicki Minaj. The famous hip-hop magazine XXL reveals that she has finally turned the corner Diddy, information confirmed by a source close to the rapper. In September 2010, strong rumors already about this, saying that the boss of Bad Boy Records did not offer enough "big contracts" Nicki Minaj.

Yet the news is loaded Nicki: freshly released a new single, "Super Bass" and its accompanying colorful video. "Super Bass" is from the edition "deluxe" from the album "Pink Friday" with a hit that sold 650,000 copies its first month in the United States and certified gold record. The album reached number one on the Billboard.

A huge success for the first album of beautiful Nicki who collaborates with many talented artists as Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Rihanna. His last song with Flo Rida and David guettta "Where Them Girls At" ranks number 1 on Itunes in many European countries. Besides it will provide the first part shows Britney Spears on the "Femme Fatale Tour" from June to the United States.

This also demonstrates the new iron will of Nicki Minaj in the development of his career. With many strengths, Nicki Minaj talks also record a song with Britney, a meeting that could prove interesting for two artists currently booming and after recording a remix of "Till The World Ends .

Despite his breach of contract with Diddy, the singer is in good hands. Nicki Minaj will surely join the firm Hip-Hop Since 1978 (HHS78), which undertakes the development of important artists like Lil Wayne and Drake.

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