Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Santi Carrillo, 'Rockdelux': "The SGAE is a Ministry of Culture in the shadows"

It takes about 20 years directing Rockdelux music magazine indie reference in Spain, new trends away from the mainstream and gafapastas. Now, Santi Carrillo, announces the ultimate step of publication to the Internet, but "with caution." On Thursday it held in a room in Madrid. Meanwhile, talks to Music Rumors.

is of the SGAE, the radiofórmulas, music that moves him or Camel. Why rock is a luxury? The name of the magazine, Rockdelux, is somewhat unfortunate. When the magazine was born at 84 was the postmovida and 'deluxe' was a term that sounded in the air. We adopted him and we stayed. On the other hand, responds to the attempted publication of rock's most luxurious talk about interesting and strange, yet attractive.

We try to flee the most trite music. At last, after all, that is what defines the personality of the magazine. How do you convince people to listen to albums super rare? Is difficult. If you just go with mass tastes, hear music radiofórmulas offering easy and direct. But if you have other concerns and want to find music that is not the usual, here we come.

The top 40 make the music to be worst in Spain's director said the 40 of you not going to change the music in this country. "That stung him? True, we do not have the power to change the music in this country, or any other. Moreover, in Spain there is a musical tradition in France, where the Ministry of Culture own drives, or the United States, Britain, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica ...

Here like holiday music as an accompaniment for a lark. Flamenco is the only exception. The top 40 take advantage of that and make the music is worse by a speech too worked in the premium not the quality, they do not care. 40 and Rockdelux are two means antagonistic. We are aware that we went to elites, but also are important.

There are many minorities which together can make a large number of people. Do most, then, is wrong? Not that it is wrong. The radiofórmulas like The 40 are heard by many people, but those listeners usually have no musical approach, the music does not matter too much. For the record I do not want to disparage anyone that's their right to care about music or not! We turn to those who like music.

Without going into war with anyone. How to recognize good music? That can not be explained, is so subjective! In fact, if you compare the music magazine reviews as Rockdelux, Mondo Sonoro or Route 66, you will realize that the evaluations do not match. Perhaps for us the best are James Blake and Animal Collective, Mondo Sonoro while for the most noteworthy are Ojos de Brujo.

What everyone is trying to explain from our point of view what we believe is the most interesting music. That's why every magazine has a certain fan that match that criterion. Are you able to live without downloading music from P2P? We have an opportunity to listen to the records of groups because we send them labels.

But I think the music is decrying the culture of free, not pay for it and increasingly valued less. On the other hand, the Internet has led people to have access to a wide variety of music and new bands are readily yield disclosed. We will not go against the customs, is what it is now, but should reward the efforts of the musicians and not rule that must be paid for their work.

Without dogmatism, without mixing other issues like that ... SGAE What is your opinion of the SGAE? The SGAE is a marketing problem, not know how to explain, but its work is necessary. In all countries there are societies of authors, and usually more than one. The difference is that in those countries have no monopoly on the SGAE is here, or have special powers given to them by the Ministry of Culture as if it were another Ministry of Culture in the shade.

In any case, these entities must exist for the authors can get paid to work, but well managed. SGAE should be more clear, do not explain exactly where the money goes, sometimes reversed in the young artists who are most in need. On the Internet, if you put your name, the first thing that appears is a link to a "tense Ramoncín interview." It's incredible popularity has reached the interview, 15 years after it was made.

Guess that's why the hatred that many feel about the figure of Ramoncín, the standard of the SGAE. In this interview is portrayed saying some nonsense and people reuiteó. Camela is not as bad as many creenSupongo Ramoncín that after that he no longer speaks. I was very young then, very bold and maybe a little pedantic.

Before starting the interview, I told him I did not like his album and then he replied that he gave me the interview. I even threatened ... Why it was so hard on him, but I really want to leave your legs! What is most interesting is happening in the world of music? I think that of James Blake may be one of the albums of the year.

Within the 'rare', it is not at all: more like a vintage soul singer, a little folk. Might like the whole world if his music was issued in widely distributed media. The strange noises which includes and could scare some are very subtle. Their music is apparently only a minority. PJ Harvey also just made a splendid record, perhaps the best of his career.

As for other aspects, the most exciting of recent times is the opportunity to have at hand so many music. Alaska (Fangoria) came to defend Camela. Some day Rockdelux lose his composure? Camela stating that it is not as bad as many believe. In fact we choose one of your clips as one of the best of the year.

It is music from the suburbs, with a mixture of flamenco-song of life and home and crappy techno was getting a very direct result, that love letters resized.

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