Friday, May 20, 2011

Pete Doherty went to prison

Pete Doherty, the English singer has been sentenced this morning, Friday, May 20, six months in prison by a London court. Following numerous escapades of the former leader of Babyshambles, justice just put Pete Doherty in jail. It is a statement of Agence France Presse announces new and toured the newsrooms today.

Pete Doherty has been sentenced to six months in prison Friday by a London court for possession of cocaine and immediately placed in jail. Accustomed to the antics of the singer, he had been indicted, there are already several months as part of the investigation into the death of the filmmaker Robyn Whitehead in January 2010.

The latter, whose death followed an overdose at a party at which Pete Doherty was found in possession of cocaine. This is not the first time that Pete Doherty is being prosecuted by the courts. Pete Doherty had previously been suspected in another case. At a party a little too watered, the former Kate Moss, had quarreled with actor Mark Blanco before his fall over a balcony.

But no sufficient evidence had established a link between the facts. No charges were filed against Pete Doherty. This time, Pete Doherty does not escape justice, it passes directly through the box for "jail" after pleading guilty. No information has yet been reported on the singer's musical future, it should happen in France this summer 2011, during the festival Solidays.

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