Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Russian Red - Fuerteventura: delicious spring

It seems that before his debut was no folkie girls with guitars that would make pop sound, with songs and smiles delicious conquer a staff unaccustomed to the term "singer" (do not say Rosana, please). Seemed equally impossible for a newcomer in an independent record label could improve on the gold record, and yet got it (along with Vetusta Morla and Manel), with a constancy and progressive seduction (circle maquetero, advertisements and ice cream ...

the final, but outside it, overexposure) that, given the proper distance, has a tremendous merit. It appears also that the aspect of bluestocking and tremendous success has transformed some sympathy in suspicion. And the break with his previous record and his signing for a multinational pedigree for some rebate.

Personally, I can only thank this new label that has enabled him to record with producer Tony Doogan and musicians as Belle & Sebastian, and congratulate you personally for the decision: this album sounds infinitely better than his debut, arranged and played delightfully. And also beginning surprising.

We could not have imagined a couple of early songs so carefree, poppies, energetic. 'Everyday everynight' has a youthful spirit, but the genius of 'The Sun the trees', as Belle & Sebastian that just because this song would have been worth the new album, put the album on a new dimension: Lourdes does not feel pressure, and is dedicated to entertaining, as it then 'Fuerteventura'.

Even the sound of electric guitars that bring to 'January 14th' or final 'My song 7 "(how is this issue Sterlin, mother) become pleasant surprises, and show a confidence and self-confidence did not expect that reached these heights of art. Therefore, this lightweight, unheard of until now, is a brilliant back we were not used, bringing new perspectives to avoid falling into predictable recurrence formula.

For many, the languid and bucolic girl waiting can start cutting 3, 'I Hate You But I Love You', a song gradually become convinced me (yes, the video does not help), and following a 'Braver Soldier' that gets the most out the piano-acoustic pairing, and together with 'Tarantino', are some outstanding ballads, and highlights and evocative new album, one step ahead of the nostalgic 'The memory is cruel' and the intimate, minimalist 'My love is gone', extremely sophisticated.

Maybe it's the production that permeates the rest what further naked 'A hat' and 'Nick Drake', closer to their debut, only to sound and voice which, although great performances, eventually be the most discrete of the lot. Perhaps at this point in the disc, to have done well in savings, without explanation, and leaving no obvious bridge this album with previous.

Do not be overcome the apathy that arrastréis of overexposure, or laziness to listen again to this girl pretty and sadder. " This is a beautifully produced and performed album, delightfully spring, brilliantly focused to evolve without abandoning its essence, to step forward without having to justify or repeated.

Look I like the new Christina Rosenvinge record, but it is not far behind; congratulémonos both good times and pray that a promoter offers them a tour together.

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