Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Music: Lassaut music online?

Google just formalize the test launch of its service "Google Music". Announced for several months as the new online music service that will revolutionize the music, the American giant Google aims to compete with Apple's iTunes service. Music If Google goes into beta, it is done without the support of the majors.

So it's a real poker game that could organize in the coming weeks between the Mountain View company and a music industry that is sure to defend its interests if this new product signed Google is a success. Zahavah Levine, head of content partnerships for Google, has announced the launch of Google Music: "We are launching a service called Music Beta beta by Google that allows users to host their personal music libraries on Google's servers." We can therefore expect to find a service such as "Cloud" as the one launched by Amazon, a few weeks ago.

A system that Apple is also looking closely to enhance the offerings of iTunes. Google Music would simply involve an online backup service but whose characteristic is that it focuses only on certain types of content. Google Music service would be a private copy of which the user experience has not yet been clearly revealed.

Google Music is available only to U.S. A and invitation. In this state, Google Music would thus complement the panel offers streaming online and will undoubtedly make the U.S. firm to design new more innovative services. Google Music will provide additional comfort to users of the services giant's Mountain View and allow the artist to find anywhere.

The online music service to Google, "Google Music" will be compatible PC, Mac and the 1000 million users of Android phones.

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