Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google launches into the music in the cloud with Music Beta

The rumor has been repeated so many times, all we took for granted that sooner or later Google announced its own online music service. Confirmation has now come under the Google I / O 2011, where the Internet giant has filed Music Beta, a service that will revolutionize the market now and is limited to offer what so many have already, but taking advantage of power of a mobile platform such as Android.

Just as services like Amazon Cloud Player Beta Google Music will make us a space in the darkness where we can upload our music through the Music Manager client, and then to enjoy it anywhere. So, no style catalogs Spotify streaming or digital stores like iTunes. Although not yet have data on the amount of virtual space that will have, on the official website of the service and can request invitations to Google Music Beta.

Of course, now I fear that its operation is restricted to the United States. Knowing how these people, it is likely that the project remains in beta for a long time, years even, but hopefully we can at least try it before on this side of the Atlantic. The video presentation of this new alternative for music in the cloud stresses above all the integration with the Android platform will be both mobile phones and tablets.

Systems expected to reach as IOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry seems to me dreaming too. At least the client computer is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. This tool is fairly complete as a player, with a very simple interface for managing your music library and the option to create playlists based on themes that we choose the style of Genius.

Another strength is the ability to store our latest views on portable devices, and then to keep listening even if we stay offline. And now this is all we have. As I said, there is no revolutionary commitment and the fact that Google is not behind a guarantee of success, but it is obvious that having a company of this size poking in the music industry can not remain indifferent anyone.

If you continue to meet the forecasts, the next tab to move to the cloud should be Apple.

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