Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yuck wait for no man, 'Milkshake' is the new single off the debut and is more Teenage Fanclub Teenage Fanclub that own

On May 28, Yuck act at Primavera Sound 2011. Just seven months after coming to Primavera Club 2010 and win hearts, have the opportunity to convince many more people thanks to the increased exposure that gives the older brother of Barcelona festivals. Perhaps that's the moment you stop seeing Yuck as they are not even in his debut and begin to recognize them for what they can become: a great power-pop band.

Neither more nor less, the prejudices are for others. Milkshake by Yuck 'Milkshake' is the main topic of the group's new single, and again I read the reviews and see that I never heard anything. To me this seems Teenage Fanclub in its purest form while reading appointments Pavement! and Jesus & Mary Chain.

A 'Milkshake', a double A-side, accompanying 'Shook Down'.

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