Monday, May 23, 2011

Soundgirl "Dont Know Why" revives the "Girl Power"

They decided to ignite the summer. Soundgirl The trio offers a fresh and sparkling single titled "Do not Know Why." These three lovely young lady from Great Britain, landed with a single that has cracked radio programmers across the channel. Soundgirl or the return of "Girl Power" in 2011 version! Original and surprisingly, the song "Do not Know Why" do not appear unknown since it resumed the air of the song by Carly Simon "Why" published in 1982.

A sample of this timeless title was once again recovered after the song Nathasha Thomas in 2003, "Why (Does Your Love Hurts So Much). Soundgirl The three girls are from London. First, B is Izzy and Nikki who meet on the benches of the school and quickly discover a shared passion for music.

A friend joins the duo, Olivia and the adventure begins Soundgirl. On their official website, the three friends say they are inspired by the musical world that has rocked. She claims the legacy of R & B trio TLC as 90 years and Salt'N'Pepa. In early 2011, the group publishes Soundgirl first single titled "I'm The Fool" that allow them to do the first parts of Justin Bieber and Pixie Lott during their concert in Britain.

Girls during their stage performances have impressed audiences. Following the mass distribution of their new single in the media, "Do not Know Why", the group has also offered Soundgirl clip, filmed in the Bahamas and available on their official website. With "Do not Know Why", the three girlfriends Soundgirl we announce a summer music rather hot and confirms a new trend for the hits of summer 2011.

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