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Vetusta Morla and Russian Red: the most anticipated returns, along

Mapases the expected continuation of the acclaimed debut Vetusta Morla, A day in the world. The band from Madrid is on everyone's lips. So is Russian Red, stage name of Lourdes Hernandez, who is so naive, magnetic, and close as her own songs. He just released his second album, Fuerteventura. Both the first and the second we talk about their new jobs.

Did you notice the pressure to tackling this second album? We felt that pressure from the media because we have not been in the limelight for the past year. What there is the self-imposed to make a good album. Do you sometimes have felt like in the middle of a stream, and reveal their first single, In the river? Not much.

We have never felt like celebrities. It is true that there is this power that shakes the songs, but not us. We are comfortable and live a life as normal. Moreover, the success came gradually, as things were already happening that we were preparing to take each step naturally. We lead a very normal life, success came gradually Did they offer juicy for this second album, as with Russian Red? Not one.

If we had wanted, they might have come to something, but that has not happened. In that sense, they return to bet on his own label, Little Falls Mortal. "The DTP is the way? We do not know if this is the way, but it is our way. It's just a possibility that has an advantage is available to anyone.

For his first album took a long time. However, this sees the light after a process of composition much shorter ... Then compaginábamos trials with our work. There were many years, yes, but we spent more time effective to Maps. Being a year or so focusing only on the group is a real luxury.

What has changed musically Vetusta Morla? Has changed little. There are richer instrumentation, the songs have changed landscapes, we note that we recorded at the same time, with an analog ... The lyrics are also more concrete, less cryptic. Yes, we agree. They talk more about the here and now, are more domestic.

Hopefully people will not find metaphors that are not there. They have always backed the Castilian for the letters. At first we had a song in English, but we realized that we wanted to express the words we needed were our own language. Does 'indie' is passé? Is it compatible to be independent to reach a mass audience? The word has been used as it has lost its value.

The big mistake is to refer to some indie as a musical style. In our case, yes, we are independent, because we keep doing what we feel like the responsibility that it generates. Have on this page to Russian Network What do you think of her and her decision to sign with a multinational? Our music is very different, but it's true that we have parallel tracks.

We are good friends and we love Lourdes coincide with festivals. Have had their reasons for that decision, but it sure goes well, because it is an incredibly talented aunt. Biography: Formed in the Madrid suburb of Tres Cantos in 1998, although his first album, A Day in the world, was not released until 2008 through his own label, Little Falls Mortal.

Golden Disc was now back with maps, for which he also bet on desktop publishing. Why Fuerteventura? After the tour a few days I went to that island. I went alone, without guitar and with the intention of not writing. But inevitably did. I found it very meaningful to feel how the music is always there.

Over time I realized that many of the songs were related to the time of change and look forward. What was that change? It was a change in staff at all levels. I could hardly recognize in the life she led. I had to re-find myself, and from there begin to walk again with things a little clearer.

Part of that new direction was going to break with his former label, Eureka ... Yes There were important differences. I wanted to own my future, and if I left I had to take action. That led to joining Sony, and a disc that has had many more resources. How do they influence the result? I think the view is.

I have only good words for people I work with: the producer, Tony Doogan, musicians ... In the end, working with companies, but with people. The end result is wonderful. I have not lost anything with the change, but it has been for the better. In his day he hung the label 'indie diva. " Did you get to annoy? People need labels to speak of things, but for my part I think should not be given too much importance.

I could hardly recognize in the life she led, now I have more clear composes in English. Why? I get well. That's what I asked for the type of music I do, perhaps because it is phonetic. Any time I tried to make songs in Castilian, but the problem is that we should not try, but it has to come from entirely natural.

To be young and beautiful open doors in this music? In the same way as any other job. Neither more nor less. Does fame lets you enjoy the anonymity? Yes, I am not a well-known face, fortunately. It is as if come out in a television series, for example. It is a very specific audience that I know.

Ever said that his priority is not music, but being a mother. That's right. It's very nice to experience this, but as a preliminary step before becoming a mother, a serious life. Not to say that going to stop making music, because surely make life, but I have clear that in a while, whichever, I lead a quiet life and family.

Think that gives me some perspective. Is on this page to Vetusta Morla. What do you think of them, his career and his new album? Les I have great affection. It's amazing what they have achieved. His career would like to make a movie. Biography: Under this name (taken from a lipstick) is Lourdes Hernandez, Madrid 24.

I love your glasses was his debut in the key of minimalist folk. After signing for Sony BMG published Fuerteventura disc that has had musicians from Belle & Sebastian.

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