Friday, May 6, 2011

Vico C is ready to release his new material

- Luis Armando Lozada Cruz, Vico C, a major precursor of the urban genre, hopes to present a new study material this year, a task that he says is highly concentrated, breaking only for specific dates. "I'm 100% focused on new production. I have, yes, concerts, a tour but not defined as such, "he said by telephone from Puerto la Cruz, east of Caracas, where, coincidentally, has scheduled a benefit concert for a religious organization.

The author of Friday 13 and Tony said that it was prison that month would be ready, but hoped that by the end of the year was prepared. His latest album, Stifle, was introduced in 2009, and their fans were already concerned about the long absence of the artist. Among other things he said the comparisons that have fact-since the beginning of his career, with other singers and their music (specifically, in The General): "To be frank, that's not what I represent.

I represent urban music, good lyrics, good music, "he said," I'm just not strict with my lyrics but with the musical styles. " It also boasts that his long career, which began in study Underground-in 1985 - has gone through several stages and has not been alone in a style, nor, it has been driven by what is fashionable.

"I am native I do. I started not follow anyone (...) I am rapper, hip hop and I start there, in the way I realize I'm a musician, that God has given me a gift that goes beyond the rhyme. " Acknowledges that he felt attached to reggaeton as a musical style but says it does not feel "responsible for the type of message they shot" after him.

Commends Calle 13, which says they are "the only ones making real music of the genre" urban, and Tego Calderón praises. Among others, he says, that there are "many talented" but "the majority has done the same." After more than 25 year career, said he does not feel it's been so long because "one is up and down." "My career every time I hit closer to what I want to accomplish as a man.

It makes me less inclined to sing by singing and more desire to do something whenever I write and sing. "

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