Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wynter Gordon: "Til Death" succde "Dirty Talk"

With her ethereal voice and her enthusiasm, Wynter Gordon restores fishing "dancefloors". After the single "Talk Dirty," from his debut album "With The Music I Die," has conquered the summit of hits and the song "Believer," produced by Freemasons, also continues to rise in the British charts, Wynter Gordon presents "Til Death." For two years, Wynter Gordon has traveled the globe tirelessly, collaborating with some of the biggest names in electronic music and learning a few tricks along the way.

Today, the young artist enjoys playing with styles vintage blend it carefully. Incidentally, it is worth remembering that behind the carefree Wynter Gordon is hiding the author of the song "The Breakthrough" Mary J. Blige. Not impressive charisma and artistic maturity, Wynter Gordon has already succumbed to many producers.

"I really like Wynter," said DJ / producer Laidback Luke Dutch, who cooked up a remix of his hit "Dirty Talk". "He's a modest and simple, a working girl, but also an exceptional singer and performer! If anyone deserves success, it is she! . As she prepares to unveil his album "With The Music I Die", Wynter Gordon hopes that it will reach the public and will be sensitive to his talent and his authenticity beyond the success of the song "Dirty Talk .

His songs evoke the incredible journey of a girl, to achieve absolute freedom, where glories and disappointments compete on the dancefloor. Meanwhile the album "With The Music I Die," announced for fall 2011, Wynter Gordon reveals already some treasures with "Til Death."

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