Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You can listen to the complete maps, the second disc of Vetusta Morla

As expected, today was put up for sale in digital format Vetusta awaited second album entitled Morla Maps and Madrid as the band just went up to his official website where you can listen to full streaming. In June will be released in vinyl and CD release has not release date. Though I leaked a new song, 'On the River', his first single will be the second theme of the album 'What makes you great' of that very soon we will know its video-clip.

Personally I do not like this group, I spend exactly the same as Love of Lesbian, not for me to say they are bad but the voice feature Pucho so I have been stuck and there is nothing to do. Anyway, I'm happy for the incredible growth spurt that stuck with their previous album A Day in the world, who once praised.

They are not new to this music and it is not easy for a good day you get that opportunity. I hope that it can seize and enjoy all their fans. This is the full tracklist Maps: On rare 1.-2.-What makes you great in the river 3.-4.-5.-Boca yellow tiles on the ground 6.-The Bogey Man 7 .- Damn sweet outside dining 8.-9.-Map 10.-11.-back song human shield 12.-My luck

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