Saturday, June 25, 2011

25-06-2009: Michael Jackson Tribute

June 25, a date on the echo scathing for all Michael Jackson fans across the globe. 2 years after the tragic death of the King of Pop, his presence is always felt as much.

If Michael Jackson is no longer with us, it's still music, timeless, interpretation, majestic, who survive thanks to the hearts of billions of fans. Michael Jackson has managed to become, throughout his successful career, the creator of universal music. No doubt, a beautiful representation of globalization in what she could bring the finest in the latter part of the 20th century.

Michael Jackson has always affected the public. Even today, when we hear the first songs they sang with his brothers, it is difficult not to be filled with emotion and accuracy of its distribution. Michael Jackson was a great artist who, beyond the media aspect of his life, was able to bring a unique joy through songs with universal tones.

Inevitably hits. During his career, Michael Jackson has also surrounded himself with artists, producers, writers and brilliant musicians. Like Madonna, Michael Jackson had the finesse of choice, the artistic instinct that allowed him to bring his creations, in good perfectionist, beyond expectations, to conquer a wider audience, wider.

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