Friday, June 24, 2011

Dandruff summer in the XXI century

The summers would not be the same without the heat, nobody doubts it. Like they would not be the same without the pool, beach, mountains, mosquitoes, jellyfish, terraces, and of course, without the song of the summer! It is clear that at least in Spain, where we can make a myth of "jarl, puedorrr no" or "why do not you shut up," the song of the summer is something inherent in the summer season, and we could not view or live in the same way without it.

When there are radio stations is the TV with an ad or some amateur dj summer terrace which is responsible for burn-in our ears that sticky melody, if it is true, you hate, but there it is, and does not rise with soap ... and solvent! And seen some of the most important summer music, like the covers, have to go taking a look at those songs that have been with us since the beginning of the new century.

We have been with, say, for usually rather have tormented us and have become the (bad) company that does not wish or our worst enemy. You are warned: we enter the terrain of cheesy music, themes, generally, we have not liked on first listen, but in other cases (confesadlo), may initially go well for us ears, but the dynamic summer repeat "hundreds and hundreds" of times a theme has made us pose a real torture.

Here are 10 of the issues that have plagued us in past summers and who present themselves as excellent candidates to torment over the next 3 months (and into the fall, insurance). Come and see our special gallery of Horrors: Let's go on a classic every summer: King Africa. It is true that some stars have aligned because it takes quite a few years being a little (only slightly) less annoying than the flies, but until recently, rare was the summer night out we did not enjoy a good subject of peculiar character.

We could have chosen any subject of King to fill this gap, but we will stay with the journey across the Andes to create for their particular "Carnavalito." And certainly do not understand the revolution with Lady Gaga, this Rappel music, as a good visionary, I had everything in the world of fashion before the Germanotta.

When the reggaeton began to emerge, it was not all macho muscled ass whipping giving to rich moms, moms who had also demanded that their daddies. Lorna is the case, in the summer of 2003 tortured us with his 'papichulo' rather than Shakira (who has also made it to annoy him in the summer) a few years later with his torture.

I must say that created a school. A couple of years later, Lorna had already laid the groundwork but the high dose of music that we came degrading over to us we could not even imagine. In 2005, perhaps most insulting to women is not the 'Chacarron Shark Around' El Chombo with Andy's Val Gourmet, (admittedly there reggaeton gets a lot more finger on it) but let her mouth While we left open ...

Pure irony of the "Gourmet" in the name of the artist. And of course, with things like this, do you think King Africa should have some sort of fear of ridicule? If your letters until they had sat next to things like this! The thing evolves, and reggaeton what we have is Pitbull, a guy who brings us his 'I Know You Want Me' recently, with a tad softer line in its lyrics, but also to make friends with women's associations , and one what is striking is how it has managed to slip in the areas of mainstream media artists ...

I imagine the producers saying, "we must include a collaboration with Pitbull on your disk, which is what sells now ". Already in electronic terrain, we were Guru Josh, who recently revived his most memorable theme, 'Infinty' (is that you have more?) And gave the worst possible face lift, turning a mythic theme of the early 90 insistent in a mess which we are still not safe: Do not ever do radiozapping by broadcasters all know, that even 4 years after having a 'Infinty' in its period of greatest height are drilled eardrums with him, the problem that now we have not already heard 1000 times, but 10 000! And last summer arrives and we find our beloved Pan.

The original Renato Carosone, 'Tu Vo' Fa' L'Americano ', led to the end of ridicule in the version Yolanda B vs D-Cup Cool they called' We Do not Speak American. " This is how it breaks down a classic swing and jazz and dance becomes garbage. The worst thing is not to have spoiled the issue of 50, no: the worst thing is making us suffer again and again so tiresome.

I still remember seeing the team's Formula 1 world Vettel celebrating the rhythm of Pan, what an insult! And yet I believe we are not yet safe. But last year there was not the thing as Robert Ramirez, the latter country, we did enjoy all of their 'Sick Of Love' (sick of my ears that I would say) an issue out of a program of jokes: the height now, go! Will have thought that summer is pure joke? Little to say on this subject, in my opinion sounded so much thanks for the support of his sponsors (read chain radio and television).

But summer is somewhat cyclical, and with it their song. Everything we've talked about so far is in the past, and for this season there are a few on the grid, trying to take the place of honor among the songs that are going to haunt the coming months. One, for example, is this 'Cry (Just A Little),' Bingo Players, a Dutch duo dedicated to faqcilón house, which is ready to take on the terraces based sully our ears.

No matter, must have thought that we are accustomed, that as we change from winter to summer clothes every year, we took the ears of summer, so it does not spoil us good during the warmer months. This in turn is pushing for a little longer. Alexandra Stan and his' Mr. Saxobeat 'and began to give the rattle back in spring, although I am convinced it will be this summer when you get your real reward.

Its formula is already exploited more than a year it's up to a pretty girl and next to another: a producer of three to the fourth makes a tune catchy take on the world and then disappearing under the ice of winter sea of forgetfulness, by centuries of centuries, so there's not much to add.

And last but not least, is the classic, with capital letters: Georgie Dann, the one that never quite leave. True, their songs of the summer now are no longer this summer, but those of 15 or 20 years, but if one no longer has the magic formula to reign in the beach bars, invented a new formula, such as offering their songs to advertising and ready.

If 'The Veranito' (and its derivative, 'The Crucerito' children, they of the famous "The Snack", belongs to a publicity campaign, but in radio and TV do not put a simple jingle, put it full! must be some kind of conspiracy of advertisers rabid offended by who knows who, but has all its logic: if a summer song you like gum stuck in hair, because they make the song of the summer is ad: subliminal advertising to call it, gentlemen.

The best way to make you think of this or that brand is always first. And that's all, there are 10 forms of torture and any china. They are beyond gasoline, umbrellas, chameleons vein, gorillas and other wildlife and objects of many kinds, because they could have been any others, so many possibilities ...

Still, these 10 are illustrated (which are mine, you'll have yours and we look forward we know ye do,) to perfection why the Americans use certain songs to torture their prisoners in the Middle East: there is music designed by and for torture, and some are taking advantage of it. And Worst of all is that many of us suffer voluntarily, but what would the summer without summer song? And of course, less bad "winter is coming."

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