Thursday, June 16, 2011

Metallica, Lou Reed announced a surprising partnership

It seems that this week it's going to unexpected collaborations, as if last night talked about the possible tandem between Gorillaz and Paul McCartney, today we announce a partnership that could be even more glorious. Metallica, Lou Reed, myths of metal and rock, respectively, are preparing an album together that comes from and the list of most anticipated releases.

The album, recorded in a quick segment on the study of Metallica in San Franscisco, will feature ten songs written by Lou Reed and accompanied by Californian thrash quartet arrangements. At this point the skeptics will think that can only come here a pastiche, but you will find that the formula works, and well also in this directory is marked for a couple of years: If the album in question is in this line it is clear that fall mainly on the side of Reed, but it is also logical.

According to drummer Lars Ulrich, the work is completed at 90%, and since both parties are free to record deals, his arrival could occur at any time. However, he refuses to give estimated release dates, so be patient. The association has been defined by the former leader of The Velvet Underground as "a marriage in paradise," and we know the name of two songs: 'Pumping Blood' and 'Mistress Dread.

" Yes, guitarist Kirk Hammett says he does not merely act as backing band, and in any case sound like a different background in a completely new situation. Did someone say hype?

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