Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beyoncé version 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and shit: quiet, you're not alone

Beyonce is a beast live. Regardless of how expendable they are being their latest works, hear it in concert is great, huge thanks to that voice you have. And riding about fifteen shows, which also affects. Lately, however, has had the odd little problem. In his recent concert in Nice, a little warm with a view to their performance at Glastonbury, decided to make a version of an untouchable, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

You have to have them well placed to venture a classic of this size, and a priori Beyoncé seems to have everything you need to get through. What is the problem? That screwed up. Already in the introduction, part of "Does not Really Matter" is anything but clear, and in the first stanza does the same "put a gun Against His head." In fact, it's completely understandable under the pressure of being in a direct front of thousands of people singing a song that is not even yours.

However, in the United States tend to charge the ink against artists that slip in the lyrics. From here, we want our beloved console Beyoncé and say quietly, you're not alone. Video | Christina Aguilera - American Anthem (YouTube) If shooting is hymns, Christina Aguilera has the palm. There who does pulse trembled when called a traitor - Americans are yours to these things - when slipped in the middle of the most watched sporting event in the world trying to sing the anthem of the United States.

Here we have it much easier: you can not be confused with lolololololoooo ... Video | Madonna - Let It Will Be (Youtube) Even if we're talking epic shit, not even the queen of pop is excluded can run of mythic proportions. Madonna, during one of her Confessions Tour dates in Miami, had the odd mishap of considerable size at the time of singing - or at least try - 'Let It Will Be'.

But few have the tables to take it as you take it, improvising on the fly to the delight of respectable Video | Radiohead - Faust Arp (Youtube) It does not take a letter to sneak rogue. If not, tell it to Radiohead, one of the best live rock that we can still enjoy. A third were able to start with 'Faust Arp', and such was the excitement generated among the scenes that Phil Selway, the drummer, could not resist and went to leave a dollar bill as a reward.

Cool. Video | Taylor Swift - Best Day (Youtube) Not only do veterans have to go to the passage of these situations. A young girl like Taylor Swift, had to do the same when, to finish, was dedicated 'Best Day' to his mother. Perhaps it was the excitement or nerves, or who knows, but the truth is that the letter he slips badly and ended up giving giggle, although admittedly it solved quickly and with a smile.

Video | Kiss - Beth (Youtube) And finally, one of the most legendary shit, not only for its share, but the group that performed. Peter Criss of Kiss performed this issue, 'Beth', as it seems and could be called an altered state psychotropic combined with a substance-induced astral whose origin is unknown.

Come on, between the wobble it takes, that dragged and confused speech, the total lack of pace and finally forgotten the letter, this directory will be a precious memory in our minds.

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