Monday, June 27, 2011

Devin Townsend Project - Ghost: Have you taken a tripod Devin?

Ghost is the fourth album of a tetralogy that Devin Townsend wrote about his personal history. Appeared on the market while Deconstruction, this work is the most unusual album of his career and it seems to have gone back to doing what gave him the win. And also the riskiest, hard to defend to its fans, the cover does not mislead: it is a work of chill out, or rather, new age, as the cover suggests that refers to moments of relaxation mind.

Those who like Patrick O'Hearn or all of Windmill Hill will be in luck. Video | YouTube acoustic nuances, folkies, with flutes, acoustic guitars, choirs evanescent and highly commercial times as the title track to disk, Ghost, Devin Townsend Project here have chosen environment for meditation and download bad rolls spirit.

If among the other three albums there is some relationship in Ghost, the Canadian musician, who was found with bipolar disorder, has been on a tangent, making clear that his teaching has no limit. Everything is very ethereal, atmospheric, beautiful, peaceful, combining male and female voice, but I do not just come at all, and that I've had a couple of evenings in repeat mode.

Do I miss feeling? Video | YouTube 'Fly' opens the album and we seem to have a record of Radhika Miller thanks to that ubiquitous flute, one of the basic tools in Ghost. Flower power, how beautiful is nature: "I Fly over the mountain, I Fly Monday Morning." Did you take a tripod Devin? And continues with 'Heart Baby', acoustic guitar, brass, flutes, voice, and we sink into a kind of lethargy, narcosis instrumental, from which we awoke to slightly 'Feather', more rustic, the voice of Katrina Natale and Devin Townsend.

11 minutes of diverse environments and end relaxing by the sound of flowing water. 'Kawaii' could bring the califactivo of mellifluous, a beautiful cut bill. Then comes 'Ghost' and I drop the sticks of the sunshade. WTF?, Say a Canadian fan. Are The Corrs or their cousins in Saskatchewan? Video | YouTube 'Blackberry' begins and ends with the sound of frogs in a pond.

A new male-female duet with a banjo line that creates the melody. Folk high-flying by DTP. 'Monsoon' changes the third and we seem to have a theme of one of the discs or Michel Huygen Neuronium alone. Music Psycotronic final. Then 'Dark Matters' is merely a thumbnail to take a cut before the end of the album.

Video | YouTube in 'Texada' re both voices and becomes distraught mixture of acoustic instruments, to brass and electronics, incorporates part of what is offered in previous topics. 'Seams' nothing new, just like 'Infinite Ocean', which appears to the soundtrack of a short exploration Nether.

We close this long album with 'As YouWere', pure and calm on the coast with the sea gulls hovering rocking a sleeping infant.

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