Thursday, June 23, 2011

DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk: do not look for the artist you dazzled

A favorite artists are given a thousand chances hoping that this time will be good. Drawing on what they've done before does not count if a post and go get something from the previous level, the good, we like, come on. This is my second time with DJ Shadow and learn. After the horrific The Outsider (2006, A & M), an album that it could have been thrown into the sea without Joshua Paul Davis, the Californian behind DJ Shadow, could dive to save, go back under the EP format with I Gotta Rokk (2011, Island Records), a title that portends the outcome but still, if you end up giving fans another chance to your beloved artist, that you will disappoint.

DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk (YouTube) Gone are the good taste of that flag was in its infancy. I speak not only of Endtroducing ... (1996, Mo Wax), a work of art, but of those who followed, such as Pre-emptive Strike (1997, Mo Wax) and The Private Press (2002, MCA Records), number 14 in my list of the 50 best albums of electronic first decade of the century.

Taste the Soul and Hip-Hop DJ Shadow vanished and with it came the pop-rock approach to the most nefarious of their previous album ('Erase You' and his vision dodgy Thom Yorke and company). Now I Gotta Rokk damage is not as strong. One could even say that it has recovered a bit the hook lost three themes that serve as advance to their next album, The Less You Know The Better.

But to recover from the previous fall was easy with these previous DiscAZ, a little turn of that formula might make some sense. If The Private Press began in earnest with 'Fixed Income' does the current reference to 'I Gotta Rokk', the same structure but with a harder sound, adding to the stream of artists who have recently encrudecido his speech.

DJ Shadow - Def Surrounds Us (YouTube) Echoes of noventero Breakbeat DJ Shadow to decide to incorporate heavier rhythms, regardless of the warmth of yesteryear, plus some guitar riffs that add to the whole heavy note, which is ending in more than 6 minutes duration. Later in the EP, Irn Mnky takes care of the issue and make a remix with which the subject manages to shine more.

The speed increases to the Hardcore dance worth a frantic, the same he put us on his performance at the Primavera Sound. DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying (YouTube) With 'I've Been Trying' Joshua Paul Davis makes us happy to think that those who were his followers in his day, when the opposite is true.

In the midst of an EP and the song is a terrible torpor. In a softness that embarrassed by acoustic guitar, a flute-like sound and voice in the background without grace over. The remix that follows mess despite the cut does not save him. One of the drivers of Abtract Hip-Hop in his day could not lose the opportunity to bring an issue to the British scene as emerging low in recent years.

'Def Surrounds Us' is the choice for it. The best cut of the three, which does manage to have the punch of the bass line and the multiple samples that is inserted in between. Rockwell is in charge of the remix has no pity to take her to new genres Heritage Drum 'n' Bass. In the end we are left with an EP that works very loose forward for the next album is expected on September 5.

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